“The First Leaf Falls” is out NOW on every major platform

Emetropia’s latest single The First Leaf Falls is now available to listen on every major streaming platform.

Their singer and lyricist Lisa Wallenberg reflects on what role the song plays in the telling of Equinox’ story: “You could say that The First Leaf Falls is the climax of the album’s second act. All the themes and concepts that have been introduced earlier sort of join together to form this grand epic, where the different characters finally meet and we see the two forces clash with each other. You clearly notice the tonal shifts as the song progresses, moving between mellow and aggressive before culminating in a triumphant climax. I think this is a song where the music tells the story as much as the lyrics do.”

Emetropia’s debut album “Equinox” will be released on the 23rd of February and will be celebrated with a release show at Palatset, Linköping together with the local power metal act Razor Attack.

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