Equinox is OUT NOW on every major platform!

Emetropia’s debut album EQUINOX is finally available worldwide!

As a concept album, our vocalist and lyricist Lisa explains the Equinox Saga: ”Equinox is a story about a small boy who finds himself captivated by a story told by the fireplace at night. In this tale, the kings of Summer and Winter rage a never-ending battle for the throne. Saddened by the fact that they are trapped in a cycle of bloodshed and suffering, the boy sets out to convince the Fey King and Frost King to make peace. However, while the Great Wheel turns, can it ever stop spinning?”

Buy Here:

Labeled as symphonic metal mixing power and progressiveness, our keyboardist and main songwriter Liam provides more details of what the album sounds like: “Equinox represents everything about Emetropia. After half a decade of songwriting and developing as musicians, we’ve finally completed an album that sounds just like we envisioned it. There will be straight forward power metal, there will be mind-boggling progressive metal, and there will be bombastic symphonic metal over the course of its 53 minute run time! In the end, Equinox provides listeners with nine diverse and unique songs, all displaying the different sides of Emetropia to look forward to. We can’t wait to finally unveil the complete Equinox Saga”.

Full album tracklist:

  1. Seasonal Warfare (Re-Imagined)
  2. A Summer Breeze (Re-Imagined)
  3. That Fateful Night
  4. Lord of the Blizzards (Re-Imagined)
  5. The First Leaf Falls
  6. Fall’s First Storm
  7. The Old Gods
  8. Procession of the Kings (Re-Imagined)
  9. His Final Endeavour

Listen Here:

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