Emetropia announce the new single “The First Leaf Falls”

Today we can proudly announce that our third and final single “The First Leaf Falls” will be released on the 19th of January.

Our singer and lyricist Lisa Wallenberg reflects on what role the song plays in the telling of Equinox’ story: “You could say that The First Leaf Falls is the climax of the album’s second act. All the themes and concepts that have been introduced earlier sort of join together to form this grand epic, where the different characters finally meet and we see the two forces clash with each other. You clearly notice the tonal shifts as the song progresses, moving between mellow and aggressive before culminating in a triumphant climax. I think this is a song where the music tells the story as much as the lyrics do.”

It is not only the story that changes tone, as our drummer Oscar Heikkinen elaborates: “The song has always been appreciated live, as it starts off as sort of a ballad but quickly evolves to something way more powerful and energetic. The First Leaf Falls is also the second longest song on the album, which gives us ample time to explore the different sides of Emetropia. Throughout the song, there’s everything from melancholic parts with some of Lisa’s greatest vocal performances accompanied by Liam at the piano to the fastest and most aggressive solo section anyone in the band has ever recorded!”

Want to hear the song directly when it is released? Then be sure to pre-save the song here:

Our debut album Equinox will be released on the 23rd of February together with a release show at Palatset, Linköping. Tickets out now!

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