Emetropia announce the new single “Seasonal Warfare (Re-Imagined)”

Today we are proud to announce that our second single Seasonal Warfare (Re-Imagined) will be released on Wednesday 17th of November. The song is the second single from our upcoming debut album Equinox which will be released in early 2022.

As the opening song of the album, Seasonal Warfare sets the stage for the entire story. According to Olle, our lead guitarist, the new single is unique. “On an album where most songs are fairly complex, Seasonal Warfare stands out as being structurally quite simple. As a prog metal fan, I tend to gravitate more towards the former, but sometimes it feels good to play a no-bullshit metal song with great energy and a catchy chorus. Liam’s orchestrations and Lisa’s amazing vocals really take this one to another level!”

The new single introduces a “re-imagined” label which will play an integral part in the upcoming debut album. Our keyboardist Liam elaborates on the unusual label: 

“The re-imagined versions of our old EP-songs is the result of years of improvements as musicians but also as a band, which allowed us to record new versions that bring justice to what we originally envisioned. Everything from the individual studio performances to our production skills have reached another level. I truly believe that all of this makes the re-imagined versions sound like new songs”

The single will be accompanied with a music video which will be premiered in the South American webzine “Metal Addiction”.

Want to hear the song directly when it is released? Then be sure to pre-save the song here:

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